Terminated, Part 4: The Great Computer Give-Away (Umax C600/240 PowerMac Clone, circa 1996) [Updated]

Update: The machine has been claimed!

My sudden surplus of free time has given me some time to do some thing I’d been meaning to do but never got around to doing. One of those things is doing a little decluttering, and as a result, I have a number of computers that I don’t need anymore.

Rather than put them up for sale, I’ve decided to give the computers away to people who need them. I could put them up for sale on eBay or Craigslist, but I’ve decided to use this opportunity to do a good deed and put some goodwill out there. Some of these machines might be a bit old for everyday use and are probably of interest to collectors, but giving you an old computer makes your day better and frees up my space, that’s a good thing.

The First Free Machine

Umax C600/240 computer, AppleVision 17" monitor, keyboard and mouse

This is an oldie, but if you pine for the days of pre-Return-of-Jobs Apple, you’ll love this machine. It’s a Umax C600/240 PowerMac clone from about a dozen years ago. Some of its specs:

  • 240Mhz PowerPC 603e processor
  • 96 MB Ram
  • 2GB hard drive
  • Two video cards — the standard Mac one from that era, plus an ATI card. You can dual-monitor this baby!
  • Ethernet card

It comes with an AppleVision 17″ CRT monitor, SuperMac ADB keyboard and Apple ADB mouse. It’s got a whole bunch of old Mac software too.

How Do You Get This Machine? [Update]

You can’t anymore — it’s been claimed!

How About the Other Machines?

I’ve got an appointment right now, so I’ll have to write about them later. Watch this space!

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The cloning period was a bleak time to be an Apple user – ever-worsening financials, Microsoft seeming to pull further and further ahead, and what felt like stagnant hardware coming out of Cupertino.

I’m SO glad that’s over – although I do miss having real serial ports, and of course the Newton.

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