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Terminated, Part 3: Need Suggestions for Where to Have the Last Supper

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"The Last SUpper" painting, but with Disney characters

Because I was laid off and not fired from my former place of employment, they’re taking me out for a farewell dinner on Tuesday night. It’s a nice gesture on their part, and I appreciate it greatly.

I’m allowed to choose the restaurant, and I must let them know my choice by Monday, October 6th. The problem is that I’ve just got too much on the brain and need help picking a place. If you’ve got suggestions, I’d like to hear them!

Some parameters:

  • It should be within easy walking/transit travel of Queen and Spadina (that’s where the office is)
  • My guess is that there will be about 10 people total.
  • There will be drinking. A lot of it. At least 2 two rounds of “Irish Car Bombs”, too.
  • It can’t be terribly expensive (which means that Nota Bene is off the list).
  • The usual office after-work hangouts are Wayne Gretzky’s and Jack Astor’s. While perfectly serviceable, I’m looking for alternatives.
  • The Pickle Barrel is not eligible.

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Too bad about Nota Bene, it’s really nice. 🙂

You can take over the upstairs room at Epicure Cafe, which gives you more of a private party atmosphere. We’ve used it for Wiki Tuesdays and they have a pretty small minimum commitment $$ for a Tuesday night. Food is good; service can be a bit slow but probably fine for a big group since you’ll be busy socializing or playing accordion.

there is a new-ish all you can eat sushi place on queen just…west of spadina i think (on the south side of queen). I’m pretty sure it’s called Aji Sai. it’s got a nice, slick “queen west restaurant” look to it and for $20 a person you can eat fresh sushi (its not a buffet or anything, you order off the menu) until you explode. On your lunch break or something, swing by and have a look!

Of course, Tortilla Flats.


Sawatow for the food (cash only, remember) and Kensington Market for the bongs.


The Wheat Sheaf would be a healthy walk.

How about Queen Mother Cafe at Queen & University?
The food is yummy and reasonably priced. I recommend the Kow Soy Guy- chicken and noodles in curry/coconut milk sauce. There’s also a great salad with seared tuna on it.

If that sounds too poshy, there’s a hot dog cart right on the NE corner of Queen & Spad, and you can probably brew some homemade moonshine in the bottom of your green box by then.

Queen Mom for sure. Wheat Sheaf if you’d like to relive those college days. Joe Badali’s isn’t that bad. Neither is the Lone Star, plus you can then stuff up on Tortilla chips to budget.

You should be asking Raymi.

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