The Shirt Collar That Tries Too Hard

When wearing a nice tie, it has never occurred to me that a lot of it goes hidden under my shirt collar. Luckily, an enterprising (and probably insecure) fashion genius has come up with a shirt with a “woven collar” that exposes more of your expensive neckwear to the world:

Newspaper ad for the \"Original Woven Collar Shirt\"
Picture courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

If you’re the sort of man who feels the need to put a spoiler on the Honda he uses for his daily commute, this is the shirt for you!

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@Kyle Drake: It may actually be worse than a popped collar. A popped collar is simply tasteless; this is a tasteless collar that’s trying to pass for tasteful.

hey, wait a minute…

a brief googling of Mui Fina makes that little promotional quote look a little dubious.

(from Greg Reid’s Myspace page)
He’s also the CEO of three rapidly growing corporations in San Diego, WISH Entertainment, The Millionaire Mentor, Inc., Mui Fina, Inc.

Also, that’s him in the upper right. He does look happy though.

Pretty sure I could just slice slits into hubby’s collar to simulate this $200 shirt. Jee, if I wanted to be nice, Icould even use the buttonhole stitch so the whole shirt wouldn’t unravel each time he tried to thread his hand-me-down teacher ties.

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