Meshugene Men!

Psst! Meshugene (or meshuggeneh) is Yiddish for “loco”.

Let it be known that once you’ve got both an accordion and a blog, you start meeting all kinds of people. One such person is Daily Show writer Rob Kutner, whose other work I’ve promoted on this blog (namely the Juno parody Jewno and his book Apocalypse How). Last year, Jewno was his parody written to promote a sketch comedy show for Purim; this year’s parody takes the hit series Mad Men and runs its through the Jewish comedy lens.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…Meshugene Men! Rob wrote it with his wife Sheryl Zohn and it’s directed by Mitch Magee. In Rob’s own words, it features “Amy Sedaris and a cast of ‘meshugene geniuses.’” Enjoy!

As for the show that Meshugene Men is promoting, it’s on Monday, March 9th in New York City. If you’re there and you want to catch it, you can get more details here.

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Dude. That is the exact same Don Draper as from the College Humor parody, Mad Libs Men!!! Look at this.

Who is this recycled Don Draper? I can’t figure out if the two videos are related in any way. The Internet has failed me.

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