Chop Suey Specs

I should let Angry Asian Man know about this one — a pair of joke glasses in the same racist spirit as “Commander Riker” in this poster:

“Chp Suey Specs” - joke glasses that make your eyes look “Asian”
Photo courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

Look closely at the package: it says “Made in Hong Kong”. Yowch.

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Based on the “Made in Hong Kong”, these must be vintage, non? (I hope so anyway, that they reflect a time that is long past!)
How much low cost malarkey like this is produced in Hong Kong anymore? Can’t be much.

yo, why can’t i post a comment with a link in it? that sucks! I was going to comment that this is similar to the factory in China that got caught making Tibet flags. Oh well.

@chiamattt: That’s strange — you should be able to post a comment with a link in it.

The blog software just got upgraded. Let me see if some of the settings go changed in the process.

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