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Poster: “Racism: It’s Always Unacceptable”
Meanwhile, he’s thinking “She’s hawwwt!
Photo courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

With the notable exception of Shaq, does anyone over the age of ten do that thing with the eyes anymore?

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Isn’t it oh, I don’t know, a stereotype to have the Asian woman be eating rice from a bowl with chopsticks AT work? Or is that just me?

Yes – that happens all the time. People are stupid. Especially at work. Not everyone gets to work in a faboo web develop-mint office full of youths who have never had a job that breaks their spirit. That ad could be a photo of the lunchrooms in the last 3 offices I worked in. Throw in someone talking loudly about wanting to run over bicyclists downtown and that photo could have been from today 13:00 hours!

@Calvin The slant-eye thing is racist, the asian person eating asian food with asian utensils is not racist. Why do you think that should change just because she’s at work? Making fun of someone for something particular to their race/culture is racist, showing them in a statistically common act is not racist, just stereotypical. That is not bad or wrong.

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