The Self-Cutting Generator

First, we had the Church Sign Generator. Then the Tombstone Generator. But finally, there’s something for the emo kid in all of us: the Self-Cutting Generator!

Here’s an image I made using the Self-Cutting Generator:

Self-cutting generator: “Being emo is hard. Let’s go shopping”
Soon to be a Fall Out Boy album cover.

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that is awsom but why cut yourself when you have friend’s to talk to and that will lison to you just rember cuting yourself is last resort

just remember side to side gets you an ambulence ride up and down gets rid of that frown 😐

you know i agree with princess emo, you,,, be happy people care for you,, for me… if i died they’d notice days after i died, just because, no, maybe they’ll never notice anyways…

thats painful..

i´m emo to, i think, but i don´t cut myself..

is that wrong?

but i love the hair, clothes and the make up

1#Bara för att man är Emo måste man inte skära sej.
2#Emo är inte bara en “personlighet” Utan en klädstil till musik.
3#Emos borde sluta skära sej dom skadar sej själva å får fula ärr när dom är gammla Dom kan oxå dö av för lite blod :S .

I dont like this idea. I feel offended. Why would anyone photoshop self harm onto themselves? I feel like it mocks self harmers. (This is just my opinion)

To princess emo: cutting isn’t that simple, it can be an addictive behavior. It is not easy to quit and there are lots of triggers that make it difficult to continue sober ( of self-harm) btw I am a self harmer trying to get better so I know.

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