The Best High School Yearbook Photo Ever

Now that someone has started a blog called Stuff White Trash People Like, may I suggest “Tacky High School Yearbook Photos” as an item for them to cover? Should they need an example, may I suggest the photo below, which says so much in a mere 406 by 604 pixels…

“Tasteful” yearbook photo of a topless couple hugging, complete with “soft focus” effect.
Bringing us closer to Idiocracy, one bad decision at a time. Next stop: a subprime loan!
Photo courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

(Yes, it’s quite possible that it’s not a high school yearbook photo, but that was the photo’s title, and gave me a good laugh. It could very well be an engagement photo, from that part of the country where marriage proposals go like this: “You’re what?“)

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And to think I just about based my decision of not having children on my not wanting them to see my big poufy bangs from my senior portrait (class of ’89).

It could very well be an engagement photo, from that part of the country where marriage proposals go like this: “You’re what?“


I think this is a beautiful photograph. Tastefully done, albeit not the most appropriate for a High School photograph, but beautiful none-the-less. It takes some amount of guts to bare that much skin and feel comfortable in it. Also, as far as the “gay” comment…I feel as though the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” plays into this scenario. Although, I do not believe that is a flab bulge, but instead that of a baby…so you may want to rethink the opinion that he is solely gay, if he has those tendencies at all.

well… thats life its very common today to get pregnant at the early age… the girl is very sexy even she is pregnant..flawless…

For me i think that ,that picture is so unique i might take a picrure like that some day.The guy in the picture may look kind of gay but its only because of his hair color jhon barleycorn is just jelaus cause he cant hit that.

I think the really tacky part of this picture is the fact his hand is on her ASS. Otherwise its not so bad if its not a high school yearbook photo.

trimmed eyebrows, ear ring, stupid haircut; yup totally gay. and look how he is grabbing her ass, hes given a few reach arounds in his time

oh and the bitch is beat /mw

I can’t keep my eyes off that filly. I would most definitely make good use of her for 10 minutes. I bet that there boy is gonna be gettin out of town soon on the bus. For San Fransisco.


just to let u no i am pregnet and im only 15 turning 16 in 2 mnths so….and u no im proud of it have not had a period in 7 months and i have big boobs

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this picture….i mean so what if they want to pose for the camera and look stupid or distastefully white trashish….u never know that young man could lead this country someday…..they are prolly just proud to be together and be pregnant is all….:)

um… that is the GROSSEST thing i have ever seen or read in my entire life…. he’s ugly, you have freaking PERVS talking about hitting up an unmarried, underaged pregnant girl who has the face of a cow on here, and the body of one as well. they aren’t in love, they are infatuated and have overactive hormones. whoever allowed THAT PIECE OF TRAILER PARK WHITE TRASH AMERICAN picture in their yearbook is an effing MORON. hey, idk… just my opinion… and girl who wanted to get prego? how’s that working out for you sweetheart? having fun? do you realize that your mental state might be messed up? idk… just a question. i pity your child. really, i do.

I think it’s kinda sad to see two such young people bringing another life into this world. We waited until we were in a stable position (both emotionally & financially) before we decided to have a baby because we wanted to be certina that we were giving her the best possible start in life. This photo just screams TEEN PREGNANCY…I wonder if they are even still together or if we are looking at the beginning of yet another child from a broken home & mother on welfare?????

That ‘flab’ bulge looks to me more like a baby.
People– get ur eye site checked! Have you never seen a pregnant woman?

And this is an absolutely stunning photo. Very beautiful, it shows love and humanity.

Not good for a yearbook photo though… but still gorgeous.

U guys that made those rude comments r hating on them. That’s their life. So what if she got pregnant at an early age. My friend got pregnant when she was 13 and to this day I still don’t judge her. U should be ashamed of yourselves!

You arrogant people who think that she is just fat seriously need to get your eyes checked. I had a cornea transplant (seriously messed up eyes) and I could tell that she was pregnant. I think that this couple, regardless of whether or not they are still together, had an insane amount of courage to take this picture. It is simply b-e-a-utiful. I think the point they were trying to make is that they are/were in love and are not ashamed of having a baby together. This is just my opinion.

lmao… obviously shes a classy lady …. and he… well he looks like a candidate for sausage jockey of the month


I think they are trying to pull off a horrible rendition of “Adam and Eve” , I also think I’ve seen this picture before….. In my yearbook. Which is sad.

Good idea… poorly executed. She looks normal… great even. He looks… umm… “out of place.” And the backdrop? Where’s the unicorn?

First of all I was 24 when this photo was taken I am 31 now. She was 19 then. Thank you to those that love the pic. Just to fill your curiosity we are happily married still to this day. Yes i do agree what was I thinking with the hair. And I can assure you I am far from gay.

wow…. the ability of people to be so cruel to one another never ceases to amaze me. yes, this type of picture might not be everyones first pic for a family photo, however, it is not one anyone else’s picture! this photo was stolen from ‘his’ myspace account years ago and has since made its rounds on various websites and continues to be a host to countless judgemental, narrow-minded, and rude people and their comments. And to set the record straight…these two people (who were in their 20’s when the picture was taken) are still happily married! The child (not yet born in the photo) is a very handsome, outgoing and brilliant little boy who I’m sure is very appreciative of the love that his parents have for each other and for him. Its good to know that not everyone will have to grow up in such un-loving and emotionally unstable households and use their anger to degrade others one day.

Just for ya’ll info they are happily married i am a good friend of theirs and they have a perfect marrage that most of you people wish you had and are very very very good parents

Just a few fyi’s for some of the comments made by dumb a**es that are clueless of the facts …. for one they are happily married at this time, the picture was taken in like 2002-2003 when the dads hairstyle was in-style and as far as age goes the dad was 24 & the mom was 19 so everybody with their negative comments need to get off ur high horse & take a look inside yourself & your family because i’m sure y’all are far from perfect !! I’m good friends with the dad and they took this picture to show their love for their baby that they were bringing into this world which is now a happy, adorable young boy thanks to his parents that so many of you are criticizing. This picture was/is something special & personal to them that some ignorant person took from their personal page & put on these websites for people to judge & make ignorant assumptions. To the ignorant person who put their picture on these websites & the people who made the ignorant comments … GET A LIFE !!!! Oh & BTW the dad is FAR from gay !!!!!!
Your good friend

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