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My Own Private “Abbey Road”

Cover for the Beatles’ “Abbey Road”

Someone I know by way of Miss Fipi Lele took the “I Walk the Line” photo of me and with a little Photoshop, gave me the Abbey Road treatment:

Accordion Guy Abbey Road - right-to-left

The Abbey Road cover features the Beatles walking in the other direction, but thanks to the power of Photoshop (well, actually Adobe Fireworks), it’s easy to flip the photo:

Accordion Guy Abbey Road - left-to-right

6 replies on “My Own Private “Abbey Road””

Hey Joey,

I’m the culprit that made the Abbey Road and posted to FiPi LeLe. I’m also a Toronto resident and have seen you on the street a few times.

Hope you got a laugh out of the image. Sorry about the cheap PS job and not finding a couple of bare feet to paste on to you.

Spike in Toronto

The flipped one is better anyway because it puts the cars on the appropriate (for Abbey Road) side of the street.

I agree with DaveP. You should do it again but wearing four different outfits to match the Beatles.

It’s too bad she couldn’t photoshop in the same cars and stuff from the original photo. Actually she probably could but that would be a helluva lot of work.

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