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Back to the Bike Commute

Toronto weather forecast for week of March 31, 2008
The weather forecast for the next few days.

With the weather forecast predicting a whole week’s worth no snow and above-freezing temperatures — not to mention the threat of a transit strike — I figured it was time to dust off the Scorpion King (pictured below) and resume cycling to work.

Joey deVilla's bike

The bike commute from my home in the High Park area to b5media’s Queen and Spadina location is about a third longer than my old one to Tucows, so it isn’t that drastic a change, and the transition to cycling to work after about four months worth of transit commuting wasn’t difficult at all. I’m looking forward to some good cycling to work, and if the weather will cooperate, some commutes in the sun.

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Biking to work is definitely great. I did it up until November last year and I can’t wait to get my wheels back on the road.

I went out and bought myself a rain suit for rainy days. Do you bike when it’s raining, Joey?

@Danny V: I bike when it’s raining unless there’s lightning involved, and I take my work clothes in one of my zillions of free bags from computer conferences. The bag from the ICE ’08 conference fits my bike’s rear basket perfectly!

luv your bike
looks very similar to my swiss
i’ve taken advantage of our mild vancouver climate (all u need is lights and a rain jacket for the dark, rainy winter days here!)
and have been biking 3-5 days a week since last june

now if only we had time to accompany ross on his cross country cycling trip!

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