Accordion, Instrument of the Gods It Happened to Me

Austin Travel Diary, Part 21: I Walk the Line

If I ever release an album, this Johnny Cash-a-riffic photo that Morgan Johnston took of me in Austin will have to figure into the album art somehow:

Joey deVilla, dressed all in black, walking down an Austin street with an accordion on his back.
Photo by Morgan Johnston.
Click on the photo to see it on its original Flickr page.

4 replies on “Austin Travel Diary, Part 21: I Walk the Line”

Wearing the accordion like that makes it look like it has a jetpack built in. When duty calls, you slip on your mask, transforming into Canadian superhero Accordion Guy, and flying off to liven parties and cheer the depressed.

“He Walks the Rails”

Good to have met you. – now I need to see about kicking the weakened version of SxSARS I’m rockin.

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