It Happened to Me

I Still Own the Phrase!

Hands in latex glovesNow imagine doing “jazz hands” in latex gloves.

Today’s encounter with U.S. Customs (chronicled in this entry) reminded me of a couple of old posts of mine — The Star-Spangled Banner and Anal Sovereignty and A Bag of Squishy Cows is a Bag of Trouble. I did some quick Googling and discovered that the first entry is still the number one Google result for the phrase “anal sovereignty”, with or without the quotes.

I’m not sure what my parents would think of this.

(By the bye, I did not come up with the phrase “anal sovereignty”. Jon Rosenberg of the webcomic Goats did, using it in this strip:

“Goats” comic from January 4, 2002
Click the comic to see it on its original page.

…just so you know.)

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