The Drama Triangle

This would make an excellent T-shirt design. Or perhaps the crest for a high school! Or a LiveJournal!

Drama triangle
Diagram courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

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Dear Mr. Guy,
I read you Bee log on a daily basis
and something just occurred to me.
Many images credit Miss Fipi Lele.
Just who is this Miss Fipi Lele and what do you know of her?
When I google the name, most links point back to you.
Is this basically an internet [soft] news feed, like a reuters lite?
Is this a secret way of deseminating propaganda, cute animal photos and generally “givin’ it to da man” without having to take direct responsibility for it, aside from the occasional threatening phone call from dodgy moving company guys?
Are you hiding behind Miss Fipi Lele’s skirt and laughing out loud?
I need to know!
Loyal reader and first time writer
CT Foster

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