Reading for a Jewish/Filipino Christmas

Our Christmas tree ornaments, which include little dreidels.

Ours is a mixed household: the Ginger Ninja is Jewish, and I’m a Filipino Catholic. Although she’s from a tradition that doesn’t celebrate Christmas at all and I’m from what could arguably be called the culture that celebrates Christmas the most (a good chunk of the Philippines takes three weeks off — the two weeks prior to and the week after Christmas — for all the festivities and family activities), we work it out.

In the spirit of the season, three articles about Christmas from each culture. First the Jewish stuff:

…and now, the Filipino stuff:


Gift-Wrapping Tips

Gift wrapping paper and scissors
Photo borrowed from Oy Bay!

I don’t have any — I’ve taken the gift bag route — but Teresa Nielsen Hayden, moderator of the Boing Boing comments section and blogger at the excellent Making Light has tips aplenty on how to wrap your gifts.

My favourite tip: “Be bold. Look like you mean it.”

In the News

30 Minutes with CNN Headline News

Here’s a pie chart showing the content of half an hour’s worth of CNN Headline News. No wonder the results from that Indiana University study said that The Daily Show was as substantive as “real” news shows…

Graph showing the contents of 30 minutes’ worth of CNN Headline News, most of which is advertising or fluff.
Click the graph to see it on full size on its original page.

[Found via Reddit]


Clever Grafitti

This one always makes me snicker:

Sign under bridge: “Bill stickers will be prosecuted”, and beside it, grafitti that reads “Bill Stickers is innocent!”
Photo courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

In the News


Here’s a close-up of the front page of the Lewiston Tribune (a newspaper in Lewiston, Idaho). Note the two pictures, which are for different stories: one of a guy making a Christmas sign, the other being surveillance camera footage of a thief. Do you see something odd that connects the two otherwise-unrelated pictures?

Snippet of the front page of the Lewiston Tribune featuring two photos for different stories, but with the same guy in each.
Click the photo to see a full-size PDF of the front page of this newspaper.

Luckily someone at the local police read the paper, put two and two together and made the arrest. The story is here.

(I have a question: Why didn’t the photo editor or layout people at the paper figure it out?)

Depending on your point of view, the lesson to be learned from this incident could be:

  • When committing a crime, don’t wear clothing that would easily identify you.
  • Sometimes the solution to a problem is to rearrange the given information.

[Found via Miss Fipi Lele and Very Short List.]

Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

Robot Johnny’s “Super Santa” Animation

I’m not the only person in the Accordion City blogosphere contributing content to the Canadian sci-fi channel, Space — local illustrator par excellence John “Robot Johnny” Martz (he’s also one of the folks behind the excellent blog Drawn!) did the promo animation for Space’s Christmas Superhero Marathon, shown below:

Click here to see Robot Johnny’s blog entry on the animation.

Well done, Robot Johnny!


Hotel Drinking Glasses: Not as Clean as You Might Think

I remember chortling at a remark in an old MAD magazine about hotels about the “sanitized for your protection” sash that they used to place across the toilet seat and the “sanitized for your protection” paper in which they wrapped the glasses. The article said that they were probably cleaned with the same cloth.

As the video below shows, that may not be far from the truth:

Click here to see the video on its original page.

Wendy, if you don’t want to hate travelling more than you already do, please don’t watch this.

[Found via Robin Yap’s Twitter feed.]