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Here’s a close-up of the front page of the Lewiston Tribune (a newspaper in Lewiston, Idaho). Note the two pictures, which are for different stories: one of a guy making a Christmas sign, the other being surveillance camera footage of a thief. Do you see something odd that connects the two otherwise-unrelated pictures?

Snippet of the front page of the Lewiston Tribune featuring two photos for different stories, but with the same guy in each.
Click the photo to see a full-size PDF of the front page of this newspaper.

Luckily someone at the local police read the paper, put two and two together and made the arrest. The story is here.

(I have a question: Why didn’t the photo editor or layout people at the paper figure it out?)

Depending on your point of view, the lesson to be learned from this incident could be:

  • When committing a crime, don’t wear clothing that would easily identify you.
  • Sometimes the solution to a problem is to rearrange the given information.

[Found via Miss Fipi Lele and Very Short List.]

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You have questions, I have anweres. From TFA, it was someone from the Paper who put 2 and 2 together and phoned the police at 3AM (which was probably someone getting it hot off the press, I guess still no excuse for layout folks)

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