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Our “Space” Shoot

Last week, my friend Mark Askwith, a producer at Space — the Canadian sci-fi channel — dropped me a line asking if I’d like to talk about a couple of cool gadgets in a segment for HypaSpace, Space’s “geek news” program. It sounded like a fun idea, so I said I’d do it.

Mark and Space camera guy Darcy came over to the TSOT offices last Wednesday to do the shoot, which some of my co-workers starred in. The segment will air during the year-end installment of HypaSpace; I’ll post the broadcast date as soon as I found out when it is.

I took some photos during the shoot — they appear below.

Darcy the camera guy from Space
Darcy, the camera guy from Space. In this shot, he’s setting up his camera prior to the shoot.

Darcy films as Adam and Mariko play Wii Bowling
Strike! Darcy films a segment where my co-workers Mariko and Adam play a round of Wii Bowling.

Mark and Darcy watch as Adam and Mariko play Wii Bowling
Wii action. Mark and Darcy watch and Mariko and Adam bowl on the office Wii. Gotta love the perks in the place.

Darcy shoots as Alex demos his iPod Touch
“Music is where I’d like you to touch…” My co-worker Alex demos his iPod Touch as Darcy films.

Alex demos the iPod Touch as Darcy shoots and Mark watches
Alex is a hand model now! Mark watches as Darcy shoots an iPod Touch segment — I’ll do the voice-over.

Darcy the camera guy from Space
The “beauty shot”. Darcy gets a shot of the featured gadgets, using the office video game screen as the background.

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