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Photo at an anti-immigrant rally. Girl holding up sign saying “Honk for English”; woman holding up sign saying “NO ANMETY”.
Found via Reddit.

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This is a nice passive aggressive way of passive aggressively saying “Yes! I crave a longer commute and strained social services! More immigration now! The more illegal the better! Only stupid white people oppose an unsustainable immigration rate! Hahaha!”

How clever of you to express your bigotry and poor grasp of public policy via pictures instead of words! What a clever, clever little passive aggressive hater you are! Clever!

@Marcus: You bring up some interesting points, but I’m knee-deep in some programming stuff right now. I’ll answer your comment at length later, but here are my opinion of immigration in a nutshell:

  • Immigration? Yes.
  • Wide open door immigration? No.
  • Illegal immigration? No.
  • Do people conflate all immigration with illegal immigration for rhetorical purposes? Yes.
  • Should Marcus double the dose of whatever meds he’s on? I am not a licensed physician, but signs point to yes.

In Canada, we do not have enough of a birthrate to support our social services in the future. Only through immigration can we even keep near that level.

When you look at it, unless you’re aboriginal, we’re ALL immigrants.

This gave me a chuckle. As an immigrant to this here good ol’ U.S.A. and as someone who had to jump through hoop after hoop to stay here legally, I enjoy a improper spelling on a “I deserve to be here and you don’t” sort of sign. I didn’t get amnesty, but at least I can spell it!

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