The Lost Whisper at the End of “Lost in Translation”

I was always under the impression that whatever Bill Murray whispered into Scarlett Johansson’s ear at the end of Lost in Translation was not actual dialogue, but something for the view to fill in with his or her own imagination., the creators of the video below, don’t believe that to be true. Using digital sound processing, they enhanced the whisper so that you can make out the words. If you’re curious as to what those words are, watch the video below. If you’d rather go with your imagination, don’t watch it!

Click here to see the video on its YouTube page.
Found via Squandrous.

5 replies on “The Lost Whisper at the End of “Lost in Translation””

You know those ‘gotcha’ net movies where you are staring at the (silent) screen and then suddenly it flashes to some grotesque face screaming, and the whole point was to scare you? I was half expecting that to happen here.

Damn you internet memes, DAMN YOU ALL!

I always imagined he said something to her – something more about her being special and looking after herself. But maybe that’s what I want Bill Murray to say to me one day.

Colour me skeptical. I don’t hear what they say they hear. Kinda like seeing the Virgin Mary under an overpass. Some people perceive what they want to perceive.

I loved “Lost in Translation”, but the joke going around at the time was that Bill Murray whispered, “You will never be in another good movie.”

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