The Pug Factory

I know that I’m going to get angry letters from pug-lovers, but this comic was too amusing not to post…

Comic: The Pug Factory
Comic courtesy of Miss Fipi Lele.

9 replies on “The Pug Factory”

pugs are not adorable. they are retarded stupid mistakes and dont deserve to breath the same air as humans.

The only one I completely agree with is Kathy. Devon, Pugs are adorable, but funny looking. Learn to accept the humor please.
Martin, get the fck out if you can’t appreciate this race of dogs. I like them a lot. Humans are the one, in my opinion, that least deserve to breathe air… They’re fucking up the earth ._.’

I have Pugs a lot They are Adorable I think MARTIN was a mistake pugs are adorable! and they do deserve to breathe the same air we do!!!

but u guys r right they r adorable theres one sitting beside me right now his name is Lolo his full name is Lozor that picture made me feel bad about laughing at Lozor 🙁

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