The “Respect” Cane

If I didn’t have the accordion as a personal eccentricity, I might have adopted something like a walking stick, the way “Prime Minister Pete Nice” from the old rap group 3rd Bass incorporated it into his personal style. I thought he pulled off the look pretty well:

The rap group “3rd Bass”
3rd Bass: MC Serch, “Prime Minister” Pete Nice and DJ Daddy Rich. Pete’s posing with his walking stick, although it’s hard to see in this photo.

In anticipation of turning 40 early next month, I’ve been going through my wardrobe, looking for things that I should cart off to Goodwill and considering additions that would be suitable for this next phase in my life. With the U.S. and Canadian dollars so close in value, I should take advantage of my upcoming trip to Boston for American Thanksgiving and get some deals at Filene’s Basement — I think half my wardrobe comes from there now — and pick up a new blazer for work, and maybe a suit vest if they’ve got any in stock.

Back to the walking stick. If I did adopt one as a sign of passage into my forties, I’d adopt GlueGlueDesign’s “Respect” Cane, an artistic statement about bringing back the tradition of respect for our elders.

It looks like an ordinary cane:


But popping off the bottom reveals that it’s a giant “RESPECT” stamp and inkpad!


Time for this distinguished gentleman to start stampin’!


Taggin’ up turf: it’s not just for young gangstas anymore!


Facing age discrimination (Hey, Google, I’m lookin’ at you!)? Bring the smackdown with the “Respect” cane and take junior to school in the car of pain!


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