Christopher Walken Roasts a Chicken and Pears

Over at the cooking video website Im Cooked, there’s a great video of none other that Christopher Walken showing his technique for roasting a whole chicken with some pears. Somebody get this man a show on the Food Network!

Screencap from the “Walken roasting chicken” video.
Click the picture to see the video.

One thing I love about the video: after seeing so many celebrity kitchens on shows like MTV Cribs, it’s nice to see a celebrity doing some actual cooking in kitchen that looks rather ordinary.

Bonus Walken

If that video isn’t enough Walken for you, click on the picture below to see a mind-bending animation of Chris Walken in space. If you’re susceptible to epileptic seizures, you might not want to watch this animation — there’s a fair bit of flashing…

6 replies on “Christopher Walken Roasts a Chicken and Pears”

What a weird coincidence1 I woke up too early yesterday morning (3 am), so I watched Weapon of Choice and old Christopher Walken SNL skits on you tube.

I heart Walken.

FYI, this video auto-loads/plays under firefox + OS X, meaning every time your page is loaded, it plays, at least here.

Granted, I love watching Walken make chicken, but after the 5th or 6th time…..

the mystery is solved! everytime i came to your page i’d hear this weird, disembodied christopher walkin voice and a frying sound but could never figure out where it was coming from until i finally found this post wayyyyy down the page! hahahaha the video must play automatically or something. hilarious!

Yes, the first time came and heard ‘something’, I didn’t know what it was, so I reloaded and did a quick scroll only to see that the Christopher Walken video was set to autoplay – kinda freaky, but at least I figured out what it was.

I actually like Christopher Walken, he is so strange.

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