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Erin Judge Live!

Erin Judge doing her stand-up routine at the House of Comedy, Niagara Falls.

I met Erin Judge through the Ginger Ninja, back when they both worked at Harvard. Erin’s very funny, a trait that comes in handy in her calling as a stand-up comedian. Being based in Boston, it’s hard for us to catch her gigs, but we lucked out this weekend because she was booked for a couple of gigs at The House of Comedy at Niagara Falls. It takes just over an hour to get there by car, so Wendy and I, along with Rannie and Jay motorbootied for the Falls on Saturday afternoon, did a quick walk up and down cheese-a-riffic Clifton Hill and then went to the House of Comedy to catch her show.

Even though the first act was at 9:00 p.m., Erin told us to make sure that we were there by 7:30. It was good advice — when we arrived at 7:25, the place was already packed. The House of Comedy is a “dinner and a show” kind of place; the cover charge includes a salad-and-pasta dinner. We got to hang out with Erin and her fiance Jesse on the patio before and after the show, which was nice, and the show itself was quite good. Erin’s was one of the opening acts and she was quite funny and in top form.

If you’re in the Boston area, you can catch Erin at a big gig tomorrow (Tuesday, July 10th): she’ll be in Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight Contest, competing with other Boston comedians for a shot at the next round in Los Angeles. She says “No matter who wins, this will be a FANTASTIC comedy show. Get there early or buy tickets in advance!” The Open Mic Fight Contest takes place at the Comedy Connection, and the fun starts at 8:00 p.m.

Erin Judge doing her stand-up routine at the House of Comedy, Niagara Falls.

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Wow! Thanks for the flashy post!!! Though I didn’t win the Comedy Central competition, I think I made a good impression on the network folks. In fact, I’m now listed as one of the Comedy Central Comedians on their website! So hooo-ray! And thanks for making the trip; it was fantastic to see all of you!

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