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Hello from Boston!

In keeping with the tradition on this blog, I’m posting a photo of the fried dough cart in Boston Common:

Fried dough cart in Boston Common.

The Ginger Ninja and I are in the Boston area for the week. We’re catching up with family and friends for most of the week, and this weekend, we’re part of the wedding party of her brother, Andy Ramoniac.

If you’re thinking of robbing our place while we’re gone, let me assure you that you will fail. Our building is protected by the best crime detection system I’ve ever seen: cranky retirees who like to watch the closed-circuit lobby channel on their TVs.

2 replies on “Hello from Boston!”

I hope you’re enjoying Boston. I just read the wedding story after a comment on Making Light pointed me this way, and you make me not want to hate the accordion quite so much.

(Oh, I’m kidding. No longtime Weird Al fan can actually hate the accordion.)

Seriously, though, may your good deed be returned to you thricefold.

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