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Accordions: Still More Dangerous Than the Internet

As sensational as the topic of cyberbullying is in light of the Kathy Sierra incident, I believe it’s still the exception rather than the rule. Here are the statistics on threats I have received:

Number of times I have received threats because of my accordion playing on the street: 6 since May 1, 1999, the day I first took the accordion out on the street.

Number of times I have received threats because of my blogging: 1 since November 10, 2001, the day of my first blog post. The threat (a vague one at that) is chronicled in the article At Last, My Blog Lands Me in Hot Water!.

Number of people who’ve taken joy in my misfortunes online: Only one that I’m aware of. She wrote in response to the article What happened to me and the new girl (or, “The girl who cried Webmaster”), one of my weirder moments. Go read the article if you’ve never done so before; I’ll write more about the online schadenfreude later.

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