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Over at a blog named Awkward Things I Say to Girls, there’s an entry titled Why Geeks Make Good Lovers. The reasons provided by the author:

  • Geeks don’t sleep around.
  • Geeks are good at the things they try.
  • Geeks are not interested in status.
  • Geeks haven’t formed bad habits.
  • Geeks can concentrate.
  • Geeks have excellent finger dexterity.
  • Geeks have imagination.

I’ll take issue with a couple of items in the list (for example, geeks do have bad habits. They’re just different from those that the popular kids have), but it’s an interesting article nonetheless. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Better still, go check out the rest of the blog, which the author describes as:

About the Blog

When the shattered remains of a once-promising conversation with the most recent cutest girl I’ve ever seen are strewn disasterously [sic] about the floor, I pick them up, scotch-tape them together the best that I can, and post them on this blog for your enjoyment.

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Geeks are not interested in status?

Geeks haven’t formed bad habits?

Geeks can concentrate?

Er, isn’t the enormous popularity of MMORPGs — like say, World of Warcraft — sufficient negative illustration for all three points? =)

I thought Lewis summed it up best:
“All jocks ever think about is sports. All we ever think about is sex.”

Since I play Warcraft and am married to a geek (and am a geek), I can honestly say playing an MMORPG doesn’t negate any of those on its own. And while the list might not be all accurate, its being a generalization, I take it in the spirit it was given. Geeks DO tend to be more stable than people who go out drinking and partying in order to be popular.

And it’s sad to see a girl with a guy who’s bad for her when perfectly nice, stable guys are sitting alone b/c of their less-than-ept social skills.

That said, I know the other side of the generalization, and, as a player of Warcraft and geek-wife, confirm the existence of geeks that don’t fit any of ATISTG’s list of traits. But those guys, if we’re sticking to generalizations, are losers. And ATISTG is focusing on the non-losers, the nice guys. ^_^

Wow this is interesting! I thought I was a geek, but maybe I’m not, and I’ll prove it: what the hell do MMORPGs and ATISTGs stand for???? I do, however, have very good concentration and manual dexterity ->> I really know how to navigate a vajay-jay!! 😀

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