Your Alpha Nerd Moment of Zen

From a Hooters news release:

Warren Buffet and Bill gates pose with a gaggle of Hooters girls.

(Atlanta, GA) While they surely don’t need the help, the world’s two richest men can now eat for free at Hooters restaurants. On Friday October 20, 2006 Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were presented with Hooters VIP Cards at a Hooters Restaurant in Kansas City, Kansas. The Cards entitle the gentlemen, who currently rank numbers 1 and 2 on the list of worlds richest, to free food at any of the chains 435 locations in 46 states and 20 countries exclusive of tip and alcohol.

The pair made a stop at the Hooters Restaurant along with members of the Board of Directors for Berkshire Hathaway. The visit came at the request of Buffet so the group could pose for a Christmas Card photo with the chain’s beautiful Hooters girls. “It was an honor to have these powerful individuals dine in my store” said Jason Fetters General manager of the Hooters located at 1712 Village West Parkway, Kansas City, Kansas. “Clearly these guys can go anywhere they want to. The fact that they picked Hooters hopefully says something about the strength of our brand.”

I guess we can assume that from now on, all of Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffet’s reviews of Hooters on their blogs will have the taint (hah!) of bias.

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The sole selling point for me is the buffalo shrimp. Everything else on the menu is largely forgettable (or better elsewhere).

Dang. It.

Why do people insist on giving rich people things for free? This makes no sense. They’re the two richest men in the world! If anyone can afford to eat at Hooters, it’s them!

I’ve read this a bunch of places now and I still can’t figure out if “Buffet” is intentional.

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