What’s Up on "Global Nerdy"

Global Nerdy, the tech weblog I share with my old pal George, made its first appearance on television last night, thanks to an interview conducted by Amber MacArthur on CityNews. I’ve got more in this article on Global Nerdy.

Here are some other recent articles on Global Nerdy:

Google Wins: “Google has won both the online search and advertising markets. They hold a considerable technological lead, both with algorithms as well as their astonishing web-scale computing platform. Beyond this, however, network effects around their industry position and brand will prevent any competitor from capturing market share from them — even if it were possible to match their technology platform.”

Information Architects’ 2007 Web Trend Map, Predictions and Analysis of the 50 “Loudest” Websites: Well worth a look if you’re trying to get more people to see your site — it covers what the most-visited sites are doing right.

2007: A post of a list of web 2.0 companies I couldn’t have written this post without: George’s list of the web sites and web applications that he uses regularly. Perhaps I should compile my own list…

The Story Behind Apple’s “Command Key”: What is that funny four-leaf-clover like glyph on the “command” key on the Macintosh keyboard? This article points to the story behind it.

“Downgrading” my Desktop to XP: Under Windows XP, my office desktop — an IBM ThinkCentre with a 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 and half a gig of RAM — was a decent machine. Under Vista, it feels less responsive. Hence the downgrade.

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