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"The First Time as Tragedy, the Second Time as Farce"

I found the table below in the article That was Diem; This is Now below on this page thanks to Patrick Nielsen Hayden’s “Sidelights” list on Making Light. Your reaction to it will vary depending on your opinion of the current U.S. administration. Feel free to fire away in the comments.

Communist revolution in China 9-11
Red Scare Fifth Column
China Lobby Neo-Cons
Taiwan/Republic of China Israel
International Communism Axis of Evil
None Dare Call It Treason Treason
Red Channels David Horowitz
John Foster Dulles Dick Cheney
Liberation roll-back One Percent Doctrine
Hungary, 1956 Marsh Arabs
Domino Theory Terrorist havens
North Vietnam Iran
Cardinal Spellman Israel Lobby
Ngo Dinh Diem Ahmed Chalabi
Walt Whitman Rostow Paul Wolfowitz
Quemoy and Matsu Kuwait
Gulf of Tonkin WMDs
Catholics and Buddhists Sunni and Shi’ites
Robert McNamera Donald Rumsfeld
Association of Southeast Asian Nations Coalition of the Willing
Rolling Thunder Shock and Awe
Advisers Embedded Trainers
Vietnamization “We’ll stand down when they stand up”
Fact-finding missions Iraq Study Group
Joseph McCarthy Tom DeLay
Hubert Humphrey Hillary Clinton
Barry Goldwater John McCain
George McGovern John Edwards
Bobby Kennedy Barack Obama
Walter Winchell Rush Limbaugh
Joe Pyne Bill O’Reilly
Commies Secular progressives
Edward R. Murrow Keith Olberman
I.F. Stone Josh Marshall
Whittaker Chambers Christopher Hitchens
Joseph Buttinger Peter Beinart
Dan Rather (covering Nixon) David Gregory
I Led Three Lives Sleeper Cell
Al Capp Mallard Fillmore
Martin Peretz Martin Peretz
Lyndon Johnson, peace candidate of 1964 ?

One reply on “"The First Time as Tragedy, the Second Time as Farce"”

There’s almost no difference except I guess our President got Congress’ permission to go to war then? A failed idea for war then and now and its bankrupting America this time. The Peace candidate BTW is Ron Paul. Get us out Ron!

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