Audio Advent Calendar #22: "Alan Parsons Winter Wonderland" by Grandaddy

Audio Advent Calendar, December 22.

For the last working day for many of us, I offer something both mellow and amusing — indie-folkie rock darling Grandaddy, doing a number called Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland.

Grandaddy – Alan Parsons in a Winter Wonderland (4.2 MB MP3)


Audio Advent Calendar #21: Two More "Six Million Dollar Man" Christmas Adventures

Audio Advent Calendar, December 21.

Yesterday, I presented two “radio play” style MP3 files starring Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man, in various Christmas-related bionic adventures. Today, I present two more:

  • Christmas Lights (7.4 MB MP3): A few days before Christmas, Air Defense Command intercepts a strange coded communication and Steve must help decipher it. You get three guesses as to the origin and content of the message.
  • Elves’ Revolt (8.1 MB MP3): The elves have gone on strike and have allied themselves with a terrorist and the polar icecap is melting! It sounds like the sort of thing that the NDP would get in a tizzy about, but instead it’s up to Steve Austin to save the day.

While we’re talking about the Six Million Dollar Man, take a look at these bionic goodies…

The intro and theme song we know wasn’t the only one — there was an alternate intro and theme with lyrics sung by Dusty Springfield! Here it is:

Here’s the Quebec French intro for the show, L’Homme de Six Millions. Note that instead of “Better…faster…stronger,”, they say “stronger…faster…better”. I’m surprised I don’t hear a “tabernac!” in the dialogue when the ship crashes:

Here’s the German intro:

Here’s the Hong Kong (Cantonese) version. Note that his name isn’t “Steve Austin”:

Unlike the other intros, the Italian one isn’t the American intro with dubbed dialogue; they rolled their own:

And last but not least, here’s the Six Million Rupee Man, a skit from the British/Indian sitcom Goodness Gracious Me:


Merry Frakkin’ Christmas!

[via Making Light] Take Santa Claus and cover him in the style of the introduction to the new Battlestar Galactica series and you get this…

By the bye, I am incredibly behind on my Battlestar Galactica viewing. “How far behind?” you might ask, to which I would answer “Well, I saw all of season one, and that’s about it.” Luckily, I’m on holiday this Friday and don’t go back to work until Tuesday, January 2nd.


What’s This All About?

'I Want to Believe' poster with UFO replaced by RSS icon.

Want to know what this image is all about? Go check Global Nerdy and find out.

In the News

Somewhere, Bill O’Reilly’s Head Just Exploded

You’d think that after all the huffing and puffing they’d been doing about the “War on Christmas” that Fox News would actually do as they said…

Fox News station identification that reads 'Happy Holidays'.


Chanukah, Night Six: "Give the Jew Girl Toys" by Sarah Silverman

The 'Melnorah' for night 6 of Chanukah.

This is a popular Chanukah download from this blog year after year, so I’m posting it again: Give the Jew Girl Toys by Sarah Silverman. I still have to see her film Jesus is Magic and her rendition of The Aristocrats from the film bearing the same name.

Sarah Silverman – Give the Jew Girl Toys (3.3 MB MP3)


Audio Advent Calendar #20: Two "Six Million Dollar Man" Christmas Adventures

Audio Advent Calendar, December 20.

Yesterday, we had a 1980’s television high-tech hero save Christmas; today, let’s go back a decade farther and enjoy the Christmas-saving adventures of the 1970’s favourite high-tech hero: Colonel Steve Austin, better known as The Six Million Dollar Man!

In today’s offering, I’ve got two of four recordings of Steve Austin’s Christmas adventures. The first is The Toymaker, in which Steve thwarts the Russkies from getting their paws on a top-secret device. The second is the Kris Kringle Caper, Steve becomes a department store Santa Claus to thwart an espionage ring. What adventures!

The voice work is typical for a radio play; the guy playing th epart of Steve Austin sounds more like Jon Stewart doing his impression of George W. Bush. As for the “bionic” sound effects that were one of the show’s trademarks, they apparently couldn’t get their paws on the ones used on the TV series, so they came up with their own.

Here are the sound files:

I’ll post the other two files tomorrow! Enjoy!

Album cover for 'Six Million Dollar Man Christmas Adventures'.