Audio Advent Calendar #2: "Domenic the Italian Christmas Donkey"

Audio Advent Calendar, December 2.

Christmas means peace on earth, goodwill toward men (and women), and…

Novelty songs!

Check out the first verse of Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey, by Lou Monte, a carol in the best New York Italian fuggedaboutit style…

Santa’s got a little friend,

His name is Dominick.

The cutest little donkey,

You never see him kick.

When Santa visits his paisons,

With Dominick he’ll be.

Because the reindeer cannot,

Climb the hills of Italy.

It’s-a spicy meat-a-ball of a carol.

Lou Monte: Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey (2.3 MB MP3)

Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

Blogstravaganza: One Week Away!

'Isaac', the bartender from 'The Love Boat'.

That’s right, the big gathering of Accordion City and area bloggers is only a week away!

For more details, see:

Hope to see you there!


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Every Episode of "House", Summarized in 12 Seconds

The television series House, M.D. is a favourite of Wendy’s, and I don’t mind watching it either, but when you boil it down to its essence, it can be summarized thusly:

Animation of every episode of 'House', summarized in 12 seconds.

Mondo thanks to Miss Fipi Lele for the graphic!


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'Can't sleep, clown will eat me' scene from 'The Simpsons'.
“Can’t sleep…Windows Vista will eat my network connection settings…”

When a suit named George and a geek named Joey put a blog together, what do you get? Global Nerdy. Here are the most recent stories:

Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

Did it Happen?

[via Reddit] Just ignore for a moment that it’s posted on the World Socialist Web Site and read this account of someone who was on the Accordion City subway when someone committed suicide by jumping in front of the train at Dundas Station a couple of days ago:

Then this man in a three-piece suit who was also in the car started saying very loudly that “this piece of trash should have killed himself at home” and that he had an appointment and was going to be late because of this “piece of shit” and now even his taxpayers’ dollars will be wasted cleaning up his “shit-guts” from the station, etc. etc. Well, I couldn’t allow that to go unchallenged so, in a deathly silent and dark, jam-packed car I piped up, “Keep your poison to yourself. We don’t need to hear it. A man is dead. He was a human being.”

Okay, maybe you’ll also have to ignore the hokey writing, the reference to a “three-piece suit” (the Bay Street uniform is two-piece, you sackcloth-wearing commie dolt) and the made-for-TV-movie line “Keep your poison to yourself!” as well.

The question is: did this happen? A quick Google search revealed no news about a subway jumper. Then again, there’s the prevailing meme that the local media doesn’t report subway- or bridge-jumping suicides out of fear of inspiring copycats.

Were any of you there or nearby?


Audio Advent Calendar #1: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", by the Bill Evans Trio

Audio Advent Calendar, December 5.

Welcome to the first installment Accordion Guy Audio Advent Calendar! For every day from December 1st until Christmas, I’ll post a Christmas-related MP3 file for you to download and enjoy!

I’ll start this Advent calendar with a nice treatment of good ol’ Santa Claus is Coming to Town, as performed by legendary jazz pianist Bill Evans and his trio. Yes, thanks to A Charlie Brown Christmas, we all think of Vince Guaraldi when the topic of jazzy renditions of Christmas carols comes up, but cue up this track and listen to the master groove.

Bill Evans Trio: Santa Claus is Coming to Town (8.1 MB MP3 file)