Audio Advent Calendar #23: "South Park" Christmas Treats

Audio Advent Calendar, December 23.

For those of you who are South Park fans (like the Ginger Ninja and me), I present a couple of Christmas-related audio and video treats.

In an earlier entry for the Audio Advent Calendar, I mentioned that O Holy Night was my favourite of the religious carols and presented a version performed by New Orleans jazz musicians. Here’s another one performed by Eric Cartman, with the assistance of an electric cattle prod.

South Park – O Holy Night (2.1 MB MP3)

For those of you who don’t mind a little swearing in their Christmas music, I present two versions of Mr. Garrison’s Merry Fucking Christmas, in which he sings about how he travels to the middle east, India and Japan to spread Christmas cheer in his own special way. Here’s the video version, courtesy of YouTube:

And here’s the audio version:

South Park – Merry Fucking Christmas (2.8 MB MP3)

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