It Happened to Me

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays from O.J. Simpson.

One of the niceties of being a half-Canadian, half-American couple: two Thanksgivings!

Earlier this evening, I enjoyed a very lovely dinner, much of which was comprised of food that after all these years, I still find a little bit exotic: turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin bread and stuffing. Of course, what I think of as comfort food — adobo, pancit, lumpia — a lot of people might call exotic.

(My parents didn’t acquire a taste for turkey until recent years, and Mom doesn’t like the texture of mashed potatoes; they remind her too much of baby food. For the longest time, Thanksgiving at our house was rock cornish hens and wild rice, which are nothing to complain about.)

This was a particularly special Thanksgiving, as we were celebrating the Wendy’s brother’s engagement with him and his fiancee. Congrats, guys, and welcome to the family, Sue! (It’s hard to believe that two Thanksgivings ago, we were celebrating my engagement to Wendy. How time flies.)

Also joining us was J, who worked at Harvard with Wendy and whom I met at the Berkman Center’s blog group and over my many visits to Boston. It was good seeing you again, J!

As you might expect, posting’s going to be a little spotty until the end of the week. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the best Thanksgiving segment on a sitcom ever, the WKRP turkey debacle:

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