Today’s "Global Nerdy" Stories

Global Nerdy is probably the only serious tech news site that would publish this photo:

How do we do it? Chutzpah. That’s Yiddish for balls.

(And I hope someday, I will be able to pronounce the word in a manner that my wife finds satisfactory.)

Today’s Global Nerdy stories so far:

  • 21 Years of Windows Ought to be Enough for Anybody: That’s right — on this day in 1985, Microsoft release Windows 1.0 on an unsuspecting world.
  • Whither Now Yahoo!? “First, you get the direct fallout from the Wall Street Journal’s story covering “the Peanut Butter Manifesto.” Then you get the secondary analysis of just what ails the world’s most popular network of web properties. Finally, Yahoo! announces a deal with a clutch of newspaper chains. What’s it all mean, and what’s the relationship between these stories?”
  • Comedy is Tragedy + YouTube (With a Dash of Legal Stupidity). “This story starts out with video of a tragically bad corporate reinterpretation of U2’s “One” (commissioned to commemorate the union of Bank of America and MBNA’s credit card businesses). It was so painful, it became something of an internet comedy senation. The New York Times, however, notes that the tale has turned tragically stupid…”

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