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Update on the Deadbeat Ex-Housemate Story

(You might want to read the entry titled A Special Message to My Deadbeat Ex-Housemate first.)

As of this morning, a Google search for deadbeat ex-housemate, both with and without quotes, returns the weblog of my deadbeat ex-housemate as the number one result in both Canada and the U.S..

I also got an email from him last night, in which he explained his current situation. Hey, I’m a nice guy and am willing to wait a little longer, but I want my replies to my questions and some guarantees that I will be paid back. That money could buy a lot of appliances for the home that the Ginger Ninja and I shall eventually buy.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in with a comment. I’ve made a note that there are still some legal options available to me, but I also have a “nuclear option” which I have not yet disclosed. Yes, I know that I’m beginning to sound like a James Bond villain.

Anyhow, I am pleased. Sastified grinning will commence in 3…2…1…

3 replies on “Update on the Deadbeat Ex-Housemate Story”

Joey, you will indeed be a “villain” until you satisfy our curiosity as to what the “nuclear option” is.

I think I’ll hang on to that little bit of information just a little longer. In the meantime, here’s a picture to amuse you:

Ernst Stravi Blofeld and cat

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