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Oh Yes, There WILL Be Accordions!

A little while back, a reader wrote in the comments asking what this Accordion Guy blog was all about. It’s basically my own personal publication in which I am the editor, writing staff, art department and most importantly, star. It’s a place where I work out ideas out loud, voice my opinions, tell stories, socially network and yes, talk about and even play the accordion.

One thing that this blog will feature starting this fall is a project I’ve been meaning to do for a while: post accordion busking lessons, complete with audio. While aimed primarily at accordion players hoping to escape the pigeonholes of polka and Lady of Spain, a lot of the stuff is applicable to anyone who’s ever wanted to try out busking. It’ll feature music theory for beginners, rock accordion technique and how-to’s for playing rock and pop. I’m hoping to have it up and running on this site sometime in the next few weeks.

One reply on “Oh Yes, There WILL Be Accordions!”

This is great, Joey. The director of my school just bought an accordion this summer, for no other reason than it is “beautiful”. He has no idea how to play. I will direct him over here when you have this going!

ps…happy anniversary!

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