Catmas is Coming!

Now that we’re about halfway to September, the annual event called Catmas (formerly “Blogacatmas”) is drawing near. For those of you not familiar with the tradition, the first Friday of October (Friday, October 6th this year) is the day on which we engage in that most bloggy of blog activities: posting a picture of a cat on our weblogs.

Watch this space for more details, and start saving up those cat pictures!

7 replies on “Catmas is Coming!”

“Catmas” is short for “Blogacatmas”…use whatever form you want, but don’t forget your roots!
Blogacatmas has not, as Joey implies, been deprecated.

If Joey keeps this up, I’m gonna sell my share of the holiday on eBay and do another startup.

Thankswiki(tm) has a nice ring to it…


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