It Happened to Me

You Know You’ve Landed in Vegas When…

…the first ad you see has the headline “Shoot a real machine gun” at The Gun Store. It says that you can try out MP5s, Uzis, Thompsons, MP40s, AK-47s, Stens, M-16s, “grease guns” and M249 SAWs:

Click the image to see the ad at full size.

4 replies on “You Know You’ve Landed in Vegas When…”

Sadly this was the first thing I did when I went to Vegas last year. It was fun. Being a regular Canadian I had never even held a real gun before.

A bunch of firends and I went a few years ago and we had a great time. A buddy only had traveler’s checks, he had left cash at the hotel and asked if they would take them.

The old grizzled clerk said “God Bless America, this is Las Vegas son, if it’s money we’ll take it!”

I think the Sten from WW2 was the most fun to fire.

Tom says Maybe it’s me, but the blonde looks like a guy.

Well, post your picture online and we’ll compare the two. If your picture looks like a blonde then it’s you…

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