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A Little Something to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Over at The Toronto Star, they’re running a collection of reader-submitted stories about little kind acts that local have done for their fellow human beings.

5 replies on “A Little Something to Restore Your Faith in Humanity”

I don’t have faith in humanity, read our history ok.
George Orwell 1984 see that movie or you can find out from my older brother Poulos Kordonis who knows a thing or two from war time.

Nancy why dont YOU shut up ? on the net people discuss argue and write if you cant handle that go sit in the corner hysterical girl


There isnt too much to restore your faith in humanity if you look on the news but if you look to everyday life and people I see good things like children and love and life. Nancy telling others to shut up shows that you are part of the problem. yes 1984 is fictional but was Nazi Germany fictional? The patriot act in the USA where the govt can spy on innocent citizens fictional (like big brother) so sweetie I think you should be the one to shut up!

Is the patriot act fictional? no. Is the fact that they are now discussing retinal scans for all people in the states on airplances fictional? no So what is next urine samples? 1984 might as well be 2006 thats not fictional!

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