It Happened to Me

A Year’s Worth of Girl Trouble

The web statistics suggest that I’m getting a crop of new readers, partially because of the Love/Hate T-shirt entry, partially because of the entry featuring the Family Circus/Cthulhu mashups and partly because of RailsConf and some nice linkage from the Ruby community’s very own rock star, why the lucky stiff and his Ruby-related site, RedHanded.

Welcome, new readers! Go fetch your favourite beverage and feel free to cruise through the archives. There’s almost five years’ worth of stuff here, ranging from silly to serious. If you’re at a loss for a place to start, try this page, which features links to my favourite blog entries.

To narrow it down further, let me suggest the “Girl Trouble” entries of 2003, which are listed below. Enjoy!

Worst Date Ever

I’ll cut to the chase: the date ends with her screaming while curled up in the fetal position.

She was a pretty blonde waitress with an English accent who worked at the cafe I frequented. I had a crush on her from the first moment I laid eyes on her, and it turns out that she had a thing for me, too. Unfortunately, that’s about the only thing that went right. This multi-part story has got it all: adult situations, violence, ketamine, strong language and ABBA.

The New Girl Story

This is the blog entry that got me nominated for a bloggie and landed me a chapter in the book Never Threaten to Eat Your Co-Workers: Best of Blogs.

The short version: I gush about my new girlfriend in a blog entry,

someone reads that entry and sends me an email warning me that the

girlfriend is not whom she says she is. Creepiness ensues.

Last Night

In this entry covering a single night, I face romantic disappointment, thwart a pickpocket,

endure bad poetry, entertain a crowd, aid and abet underage drinking,

come between a small-town girl and two Gap ninjas, entertain another

crowd and get complimented on my hat.

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