mTune-N Headphones for the iPod Nano

Here’s something pretty neat. Normally, you plug headphones into an iPod Nano. However, you plug your iPod Nano into these headphones:

It’s the mTune-N by MacAlly. Details are on its web page.

2 replies on “mTune-N Headphones for the iPod Nano”

Do they just work with iPod? That’s pretty specialized.

It would be better if they were wireless headphones with an RF transmitter that the iPod could also plug into.

Also, it would be pretty awkard to take off the headphones every time you need to operate the click wheel.

That is pretty neat. It almost makes me want to get rid of my cheapie mp3 player and go buy an iPod. I’m still waiting for the price to come down though. Those headphones look powerful though.

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