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Here’s more supplementary reading for those of you who enjoyed the photo I posted earlier.

The best (and most amusing) introduction to the Rapture comes from the comic book tracts of John T. “Jack” Chick. A sample of his Rapture tract, Here He Comes! appears below; click the image to read the whole thing.

Excerpt from John T. Chick's rapture tract, 'Here He Comes!'

If your house or apartment has an intercom at the front door, you can use the Rapture to deal with pesky Jehovah’s Witnesses like I did.

Before the Da Vinci Code, there was the Left Behind series of books, the story of a scrappy band of people who didn’t amke the cut for the Rapture but are now preparing for the Second Coming. I bought the first book second-hand at Avenue Victor Hugo Books’ “Going out of business because we don’t know how to run one” sale and will read the rest of the series someday when I’m in the mood for some junk lit and the ultimate deus ex machina. For a review of what the books are like, check out this Salon article, Fundamentally Unsound.

And finally, because I hate to see you leave this blog empty-handed, I give you a handy PDF file titled 14 Things to Do if You Have Missed the Rapture [108KB PDF file]. Me, I plan to rent a lot of videos and never return them.

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Sigh. There is, of course, a tiny handful of us Protestants who do most emphatically not believe in a rapture, thus defined. Some of us even believe that the life eternal promised in the biblical scriptures is to be lived on this here present material earth, and that human culture is to continue in this context, rather than in a vague, spooky heaven, harps in hand ….

Just Say No to Dante.

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