A Blast from the Past with THOR!

This is a priceless moment in Canadian rock history: John Mikl Thor, better known as “Thor”, performing on Merv Griffin’s show in 1976. Not only does he perform a number called backed by Merv’s band, but he also performs his trademark hot water bottle stunt. This is rock cheese at its best and worst.

Standing behind Thor is the Watermelon Jug Band, who must be thinking “The long nights rehearsing, the long days in the studio, the endless touring, the sacrifices…it’s all come to this.”

I caught Thor’s live show a couple of years back; I wrote about him here.

(By the bye, I think that the number Thor performs, Everybody Wants a Piece of the Action, would make a terribly fitting anthem for ICT Toronto.)

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I kept waiting for that to get better, and it never did. I’m not sure how far into it the “water bottle trick” is, but I didn’t get that far. It is astounding to me that someone with that little talent could possibly have made a living doing that. What was Merv thinking putting him up there?

The song he was doing was originally done by The Sweet, of Ballroom Blitz fame.

You wrote:

I kept waiting for that to get better…

Wow, and I thought I was an optimist!

I was always under the impression that Action was a New York Dolls number. You learn something new every day.

I disagree.

if we had more performers like Thor, there would be no wars…

He looks a little like me when I had facial hair…


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