Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

Rails Pub Night: Monday, April 17th at The Rhino

Bruce Lee promotes Rails Pub Night in Toronto!

The first Rails Pub, held last month, was a success with a solid two dozen in attendance. Not bad for Ruby, a programming language that didn’t get much notice until last year, or Rails (or, to call it by its proper name, “Ruby on Rails”), the web development platform that’s changing the rules. I can see the beginnings of a very solid Ruby/Rails development community here.

The next Rails pub will take place next Monday, April 17th at The Rhino, located at 1249 Queen Street West (just west of Dufferin and the railway bridge) at 7 p.m.. I will be there, bearing the coveted Tucows squishy cows to hand out to all. I will also have the accordion with me as well.

It’s events like Rails Pub and DemoCamp that are proving that Accordion City is the place to be for tech. Come on down and say you were there when it all started!

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