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DemoCamp 5.0: Tuesday, April 25th at U of T’s Bahen Centre

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Big thanks to Greg Wilson for doing the legwork and landing us a space for <the next DemoCamp! It takes place at the Bahen Centre for Information Technology, room BA1180, located on the University of Toronto campus at 40 St. George Street, Accordion City. The date is Tuesday April 25th, and it will run from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m..

DemoCamp, simply put, is a “show and tell” for the bright lights of Toronto’s tech community. Presenters have ten or fifteen minutes to show off one of their current projects, whether it’s software, hardware, invention or scientific experiment. They’re not allowed to use PowerPoint slides and bore us with bullet points — it’s all about the demo and showing the project in action. Anyone who isn’t presenting is still a participant: they should ask questions, make comments and contribute to the dialogue. There are no spectators here; life is not a spectator event, and neither is DemoCamp.

The presentations that have been booked so far are:

  • BBS for Bell Kids’ Help Phone: presented by Yang Lu, Jonathan Lung, Yimei Miao, and Andrew Reynolds, U of T
  • The Power of RJS Templates: Chris Nolan
  • The BlogMatrix Platform: A platform for structured blogging and microformats, by David Janes and Tim Desjardins

DemoCamp is open to all. There is no admission; we just ask that you sign up on the wiki page for DemoCamp 5.0. If you’re interested in presenting, you should also sign up on the wiki.

Bonus Reading: Be sure to check out David Crow’s thoughts on DemoCamp.

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