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Theme Music for "FOX News Alert"

A recent screen capture from FOX News. Moussaoui looks like he’s enjoying his latte.

FOX News alerts are missing only a couple of things, otherwise they’d be perfect:

  • The words START FREAKING OUT NOW in bold red letters, flashed at the appropriate time
  • A decent theme song

Luckily for us, we now have the theme song: FOX News Alert, performed by artists unknown [3.0MB MP3]. Enjoy!

2 replies on “Theme Music for "FOX News Alert"”

If only I had a latte, I would totally snarfle it all over the monitor. The only thing that screenshot is missing is a gold RALLY BASE! banner crawl.


Actually I’m looking for the real intro music that Fox News uses for their breaking news…any idea where to get it?

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