Best Radiohead Cover Ever [Updated]

DJ Mark Ronson.Put this in your iPod and crank the wheel hard right: here’s DJ Mark Ronson and Alex Greenwald’s funk-tastic cover of Radiohead’s Just [8.5 MB MP3]. Who knew that the song would benefit from funky drums, groovin’ guitar and an awesome horn section?

Want to know more about Mark Ronson? Here’s his MySpace page.

Update: Hey! There’s a video for this cover! Links for high- and low-bandwidth QuickTime and Windows Media can be found at the end of this article on Mark Ronson.

3 replies on “Best Radiohead Cover Ever [Updated]”

I think it’s more a remix than a cover.

It sounds great!

Makes me think that perhaps I should approach DJs for a no-vocals-karaoke remix as opposed to my current method of contacting the artists themselves.

BTW – The total response to this latter method has been 1! [thank you Robin Black!]

I love this guy…


Nope, it’s a cover. Those are new vocals (it’s Alex Greenwald from Phantom Planet) and new instrumentation.

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