When LiveJournallers Don Armour

Renaissance Faires, which I consdier to be one of the lower rungs of the geek hierarchy are just one of those aspects of geek culture that I just can’t get into (and remember, I can put up with a lot of crap: I sat through Spanglish and a Reform Party student meeting).

Swordplay, jousting, mead, wenches — those are all fine things in my book. It’s when you combine them all in festival form and put a sloppy Knights of the Round Table cosplay veneer that it all goes straight to nerd hell. That’s why I found this entry by Patrick of Bad News Hughes so funny: he went to a Ren Faire simply for the purpose of mocking them. Prithee, Sir Bad News Hughes, I raise a flagon of…oh, never mind.

“You see, Billy? Keep yourself parked in front of the Xbox instead of going outside once in a while for a football game and you’ll eventually end up on the other side of this rope with Baron von Clownypants and his band of half-assed D’artagnans, instead of out here where the [chicks are].”

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Yes, the Ren Fair thing is a litle weird, no doubt.

But why bother with buddy’s tepid vitriol about it. His sense of humour is about as sharp as the swords at the fair. No laughs. He loathes and derides the geeks at the fair — the ones with whom he has spent an entire day of his time just to be able to mock them with lame vulgarities on his vanity blog. Now who’s pathetic?

Anonymous Bosch.

I’m surprised you’d pick that one to link to — he’s written much, much funnier stuff.

But saying he went to the faire for the purpose of mocking its denizens misreads him, I think. My impression is that he assembled that post for the purpose of mocking himself for having gone to the faire. But he likes to leave subtext unsaid, so I couldn’t prove it — all I can say is the tone isn’t that different from the one he uses to caption everything he posts. I mean, the caption under the wedding of his brother is “fuckin’ hippies”, in a post categorized “Diary of Things that are Awesome.”

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