While I do like the increasing graphic realism of today’s videogames, the games of old (by which I mean the 1980s) had a clunky charm all their own that required you to use a little more imagination. Consider the arcade classic Burgertime (you can play a decent Flash version of the game here):

Those cheesy, low-resolution graphics required you to use your mind’s eye to add to the game’s “story”. Of course, the results will vary from person to person, and sometimes they aren’t so pretty, as the painting below — a rather disturbing interpretation of the game — will show:

You do not want to see this guy’s interpretation of Dig Dug. Trust me on this one.

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That’s wonderful. I’d put it up in my living room immediately (if I could afford it).

who’s the artist?

What the hell? You tell me that I don’t want to see other work by the artist, and you don’t post a link, or any Googleable info? How annoying!

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