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Sayonara, Sam

I’d like to thank my fellow voters in the Parkdale-High Park riding for voting out Sam “Hollywood’s MP” Bulte and voting in Peggy Nash.

Some of the credit should go to Cory Doctorow, Michael Geist, Ren Bucholz and the EFF/Online Rights Canada and all the bloggers who spoke out about Ms. Bulte. It would probably be wrong to declare that “The Internet” or “The Blogosphere” was the sole factor in Ms. Bulte’s ouster, but it probably helped get the word out. A lot of the credit has to go to Peggy Nash for calling Ms. Bulte on her Big Content cronyism during her campaign, and a lot of the blame has to go to the way Ms. Bulte presented her case: with a toxic mixture of arrogance, contempt for her own constituents and a willingness to play fast and loose with facts.

Here’s how the votes broke down:

DISTRICT: Parkdale-High Park
Candidate Party Vote Count Vote Share Elected
Peggy Nash NDP 20690 40.31% X
Sarmite Sam Bulte LIB 18489 36.02%
Jurij Klufas CON 8767 17.08%
Robert L. Rishchynski GRN 2820 5.49%
Terry Parker MP 311 0.61%
Lorne Gershuny ML 133 0.26%
Beverly Bernardo NA 119 0.23%


If there’s a candidate I feel sorry for, it’s Marxist-Leninist Party candidate Lorne Gershuny. As I said earlier, he made articulate, impassioned, and humanistic statements and was considerably more personable than Bulte at the January 11th all-candidates meeting. Still, his party was beaten by the Marijuana Party by a two-to-one margin, even though their candidate Terry Parker passed on a few questions and was mostly unintelligible (and possibly baked) for the rest. Even worse, they were nearly matched by Beverly Bernardo, who didn’t show up to any of the all-candidate meetings, didn’t have any signage and whose candidacy was unknown to many voters until they saw the ballot. He’s probably thanking his lucky stars that the Communist Party wasn’t in the riding to further split the no-hope vote in a People’s Front of Judea/Judean People’s Front sort of way.

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congratulations! I’m sure the conservatives won’t be on the side of big business or following the american laws at all.

I’m sure that there are people in the Conservatives who have Sam’s views on copyright. However, we’ve set a precedent that we can point out to whomever is looking at Canadian copyright law: if you quash your constituents’ rights to suit the needs of Big Content, they will mobilize, debunk your every statement and vote you out.

Just one thing about Terry Parker, because I know him — he has severe epilipsy and legally uses marijuana to control seizures, but that’s not why he sounds the way he does.

When he was a child doctors tried radical brain surgery to correct the seizures, but not only did they not succeed, they had to remove parts of his brain, so this limits his presentation skills.

I don’t know if you saw the Toronto Star article today about Peggy Nash.

It’s here.

The most telling part was comments from Sam, excerpted below:

Meanwhile, Bulte, driving home with her family, had little to say about her defeat.

“What do you expect me to say? I have no thoughts. You run on your record and the people decide for change,” she said.

When asked about her thoughts on a minority government, she said, “To be frank, I don’t care. I dedicated my life to the people and to the riding and they decided. It’s great; it’s a democracy.”

Bulte, a lawyer, said she will return to her practice.

“According to everybody, I did nothing. You work so hard and devote your heart and soul and the people have chosen. So good luck to the NDP. Good luck to Peggy Nash and good luck to the country.”

Copyright Toronto Star January 24th, 2006

Arrogent? Perhaps.

Bitter? Yes.

Who I want in power in my riding? Ummm, No.

One thing I worry about with Bulte gone: She struck deals with the Lib leaders to get a lot more money to Toronto arts organizations. Examples being 20 million in new grants for TIFF to help build its Festival Centre and a bunch of money for local theatre.

Its hard to say what will happen now that there is no arts representation in power in Ottawa. Many arts orgs like having at least one MP of the party in power representing Toronto, but doubt anyone would have voted Conservative based on that.

The money will dry up quickly and thier will be much nastiness about funding art I think. The Con’s are on record dozens of times with MP’s complaining that the government should not provide grant money even for television production, much less film and theatre.


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