Far Better Than the Real "Mary Worth" Strip

Ever wished Mary Worth would stop dropping Hallmark-card proverbs and just get down and get funky? Your wish has been fulfilled: here’s Mary and her friend Jeff doing The Black Eyed Peas’ My Humps!

(Click the image below to see the full comic.)

Bonus Reading: Josh Frulinger has a blog called The Comics Curmudgeon (formerly known as I Read The Comics So You Don’t Have To), where he has a whole category of articles poking fun at Mary Worth.

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Of this genre, my favourite will always be your (c. 1992? 93?) Queen’s Journal cartoon that had one character standing there in a a “Chill Baby Baby Chill Baby Baby Wait” tshirt. Priceless. I cut out just that panel and have it in my archives somewhere. Still brings on the screamie laughing and the tears, and I don’t even really remember the point of that strip anymore. (Something… about… political correctness? I think the punchline was “Colour me beige”? Something like that…?)

– Ash

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